Equine Massage Therapy

Charlotte’s demonstrates stretches for your horse in the June episode of Horse Country USA! Check out the last four minutes of the show to see Charlotte’s segment.

Charlotte Morris is a Certified Equine Sports Trainer, a saddlefitter and Human/Equine massage therapist. Allow her to work with your vet to maximize your horse’s training with bodywork your horse. She will work on any species of animal. Clients include WEG, Olympic, Pan Am, and Rolex competitors and she also does the backyard pet


Her modalities include ART, Myoskeletal Alignment, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, sports, myofascial release and is one of three therapists in Texas that is certified in Spinal Reflex Analysis (SRA). She can combine work on yourself and/or your horse to maximize your training and performance as a team.

Charlotte also is well connected with the area veterinarians for alternatives for reducing recovery time in injured horses. She incorporates Heat-A-Zone infrared therapy and Back on Track products with Arenus products as well in healing an injured horse.

Being a rider who always has and will take lessons, has competed in 3-day eventing and also reining, she understands how a rider can effect the development of his horse and effect his balance. She is happy to watch riders on their horses to see if harmony is being attained!

Massage therapy is not a substitution for proper veterinary care and exam.
We will work as a team with your veterinarian.


One of the LEADING CAUSES of EQUINE BACK PAIN is poor saddle fit.