Prestige, Equine Oasis, Jim Taylor, Soft Ride, Arenus and Thinline & Back on Track Horseware

Prestige Saddles

Prestige Saddles are ridden and recommended by the top riders in Dressage, Eventing, and Jumping around the world. Made in Italy and featuring luxurious double stratum Italian leather.

Laser Saddles

Laser offers dressage and jumping saddles featuring the revolutionary Varilock adjustable tree.

Thinline Saddle Pads

Thinline pads can protect your horse’s back and improve your equitation and your horse’s performance. Endorsed by veterinarians, master saddle fitters, spinal surgeons, equine massage therapists, trainers and riders in every equine sport, improve saddle fit with a Thinline pad. Use ThinLine shims to customize your fit or to adapt to changes in your horse’s body.

Back on Track

Back on Track pads, wraps and blankets can help accelerate the recovery rate from strenuous exercise.

Soft Ride Ice Spa

Equine Oasis Reining and Cutting Saddles  Jim Taylor Reining Saddles

featuring the Shoulder Free design